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On-Site Track Inspection 

This program ensures safe and reliable operations as assets require frequent inspections and maintenance. Track assets in the infrastructure include rail, fasteners, ties, ballast, switches, derails, wheel stops and other appliances. Ongoing maintenance is necessary to facilitate and service industrial track components interfaced with commodities transported by rolling stock. Critical track assets and components (e.g., switches, rail, ties, tie plates, spikes ballast and roadbed) are essential to daily operations. Interface infrastructures include those areas in the use of unloading rolling stock.

Onsite industrial track inspections include the following: 

  1. Examination of track structure for proper gauge, tie condition, roadbed, tie fasteners, switch condition, cross level, rail wear. 

  2. Regular inspection of switch and switch components including points, hand throws and linkages, ties, inspection of frogs, etc. A key emphasis is on the moving panel or switch point area. Switch points checked for proper fit and for cracks and/or broken switch points. The switch points should also be kept free of any objects that would not allow the switch points to fit properly when the route is lined.

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