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Railcar Repair Services

Corporately owned or leased rail cars can sustain incidents requiring repair before being released.  Our repair crews can perform a variety of minor repairs in the field enabling our clients to avoid freight charges and crucial downtime. Preventive long-term maintenance service plans can also be provided on-site at your facilities. This service program includes: 

  • Pre-trip inspections

  • Hatch cover and gate repairs

  • Brake shoes and air brake testing

  • Coupler and draft systems repairs (AAR Repair Requirement) 

  • Welding and weld inspection

  • Minor Repairs 

  • Major Repairs (Certified AAR  Repair Requirement)

  • Safety appliance repair

  • Stenciling and reporting marks

  • Bolts, hatch covers, foot latches, stenciling, knuckle and knuckle pin replacement, gratings, and brake shoes.

  • Railing, handrail, and end platform repair

  • Graffiti removal and media blasting

  • Reflective sheeting

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