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Railcar Switching Services

Our policy and procedures ensure strict adherence to train movement. Policies also ensure best practices in hand and radio communications along with professional handling of equipment of certified trained personnel. 


Movement of railcars requires the development of safe work procedures specific to each operation, its equipment, and operators. Allied Rail Group switching crews review all inbound manifests and disassemble and classify the inbound railcars to the locations within your facility. During this process team members determine what is needed next for inspection, cleaning, repair, loading, and/or storage. Once loading has been completed our team spot cars and build the outbound train for shipment to your customers. We use a variety of equipment including locomotives and mobile railcar movers, (Track mobiles) tailored to the size and layout of your facility.

Our company can develop, document, and train employees in safe car movement.

It is imperative that any freight car that is to be moved must be done in a safe manner

by qualified trained personnel as to prevent personal injuries or damage to the car or

equipment used thereby attributing to lost production time, serious injury and/or death.

Allied Rail can offer rail car movement services that include equipment specifically

intended for industrial locations. 


  • TM95 Track mobile 

  • EMD SW1500 Switcher

  • GE 25 Ton Diesel Locomotive 

  • GE 44 Ton Diesel Locomotive

  • EMD GP35 Diesel Locomotive

Program Incentives 

  • Decreases or eliminates switching delays and demurrage charges. 

  • Improves railcar fleet utilization regarding decreased cycle time. 

  • Decreases rail switching crew time, equipment and fuel expenses.

  • Switching allowance to shipper is less than a railroad switching expense. 

Plant Incentives 

  • Improved time-on-task regarding switching capabilities and/or equipment.

  • Improves track efficiency with specific operator training to plant.

  • Enables team members and contractors to observe track conditions. 

  • Enables car inspection and classification of corporate assets.  

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