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Railcar Restoration & Relocation 

Allied Rail Corporation offers a diverse service portfolio of services. From restoring or relocation of railroad assets we can provide the following:


Restoration Consulting:
From small to large Allied Rail Corporation can provide helpful insight into your projects direction.

Whether inspecting a potential acquisition to consideration of relocating or stabilization we can

consult with you to determine which avenue is realistic from a logistical and financial needs


Any attempts at restoration include the introduction of non-original materials to return

an object to an earlier state. During restoration, the original character of the object should

not be changed. The result of the restoration should benefit future research or exhibit purposes..


                                                                                              This touches every part of a community or organization’s collection, not just trains. The                                                                                                                    big question in terms of a restoration project is “Is it more important to the visitor                                                                                                                            experience for the object to function as intended, or to preserve the original                                                                                                                                    material?” A caboose, locomotive or passenger car that is being refurbished for static                                                                                                                    display will have different considerations than one that is expected to meet all Federal                                                                                                                    Railway Administration safety requirements and operate on a regular basis.


                                                                                             Before embarking on any kind of preservation activity, several questions need to be answered first.
                                                                                             a.) What makes the object in question of historic and cultural interest to your organization?
                                                                                             b.) Why is any kind of action needed in the first place?
                                                                                             c.) What will be the scope of the project?
                                                                                             d.) What is the intended use once the project is complete?

                                                                                             e.) How will the object be stored, displayed, or operated once complete?

Answering these questions will help your organization put together a more comprehensive                                                                                                            capital allocation plan and resources to complete the project.


Asset Relocation Consulting:
From across town or across country our company partners with a variety of providers and

professionals across the United States. We can arrange both lifting and transporting logistics

or equipment. Site preparation is also critical in the placement of equipment to ensure the 

longevity and stability of a site. 

On-Site Project Coordination:
Projects can take on a variety of state and local agencies. From permitting, escort vehicle                                                                                                               services, rigging, environmental or logistics there are many aspects of managing your project.                                                                                                       Our management team, consultants and contractors can develop a plan to meet or exceed                                                                                                           your organizations expectations.


This level of conservation is intended to either slow down or stop the deterioration of a                                                                                                                  particular item and is considered to have the least impact on its original integrity. This course                                                                                                        of action might also be considered when an item is too fragile to repair, or if sufficient funds or                                                                                                      restoration techniques are not yet available to your organization. Taking important steps to stabilize

an asset and assist with mitigating or preventing unnecessary damages and allow time

to determine what actions to take. Proper analysis provides or the proper plan of action in deciding the 

appropriate course of action and capitalization. 


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This is the deliberate alteration of an object’s physical properties to extend its longevity. The goal of any kind of conservation is to minimize the possibility of compromising the object’s historical or cultural significance or causing more deterioration in the future. Even repairs or alterations made by professional conservators could potentially cause more harm than good as techniques are continually evolving and improving. While there are many ways to restore a bell, there are also many metals that make up a bell and many ways of polishing that medal. This too applies to the restoration (cosmetic or functional) of any period type locomotive. 

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